Masouleh – where roofs are streets

Masouleh is a small village in northern Iran. At 1050 meters above the sea level it was established around 1006 AD and is home to some 800 inhabitants today.

Masouleh’s architecture is truly unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected as roofs serve as streets. No motor vehicles are allowed. Nor could any enter. This place must have the fittest people in the country.

Weather forecast = fog, always. It gets pretty creepy at night…

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Masouleh Iran - Adventure photography

Isfahan – the capital of Persia

Iran’s third largest city Isfahan dates back to 10 000 B.C. The city flourished especially in the 16th century as the capital of Persia and it still retains much of its past glory today. It is famous for its Islamic architecture, boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques and minarets. Hence the Persian proverb “‘Esfahān nesf-e jahān ast”, “Isfahan is half of the world”.

Half of the world or not, Isfahan is an amazing mix of ancient culture and modern life.

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Isfahan Iran - Adventure photography

Toudeshk Cho – life in the desert

Toudeshk Cho is a tiny village in the Dasht-e Kavir desert along the road between Isfahan and Yazd. The mud houses form a maze of sleepy alleys where human encounters seem rare.

Many say this is the place to go to experience the Kavir, the desert. It sure is.

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Toudeshk Chou Iran - Adventure photography

Yazd – conservatives meet liberals

Yazd is situated at an oasis where the Dasht-e Kavir desert and the Dasht-e Lut deserts meet.

Because of its climate, Yazd has one of the largest networks of qanats (underground water management system) in the world. Many old buildings have windcatchers and large underground areas. The city is also home to prime examples of yakhchals (ancient refrigerators) which were used to store ice retrieved from glaciers in the nearby mountains.

Yazd is the center of Zoroastrian culture. It is clearly conservative.

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Yazd Iran - Adventure Photography

Yazd – mud bricks and Zoroastrians

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Mud Brick City Iran - Adventure Photography

Tehran – modern life behind the scenes

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Tehran Iran - Adventure Photography


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